Production companies

Production companies


DocArt was founded in 2002 by Tiina and Petteri Saario and it specializes in the production of documentaries, television series and educational programmes as well as in the organizing of events and education related to the field of interest. 

DocArt's business idea is to produce films and programmes about nature and human nature for both television and cinemas. 

DocArt has wide, high-quality film and picture archives on northern nature (inc. forests, seas, lakes, rivers and bogs plus cultural environments) and on the everyday life of northern people living close to nature. Material has also been acquired from Africa, Central America, China, Borneo, the Canary Islands and Russia. 

Besides basic filming equipment we have e.g. lighting, audio, underwater and areal shooting gear and complete post production unit of our own. 

Production company DocArt's premises are located at the historic Kiiala Manor in Porvoo. At the same office you will find the Porvoo agency of Taiga Films. 

Taiga Films

Production company Taiga Films was founded in 1996 by Jan Henriksson, Petteri Saario and Juha Taskinen. Taiga Films specializes in producing nature documentaries and documentaries about the relation between northern nature and a man.

The founders of Taiga Films have contributed crucially to over 60 documentaries, and they have received numerous both domestic and international recognitions and awards.

The legal domicile of Taiga Films is in Savonlinna. However, besides Juha Taskinen's gallery premises in Haukiniemi, Savonlinna, Taiga Films operates also from its agency at Kiiala manor in Porvoo.

The productions of Taiga Films are filmed mainly on Super 16 film. The company has filming equipment of its own.